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The Point Two Air Jacket is the new innovative safety jacket on the market. The ProAir has taken the eventing world by storm this season with many of the top riders wearing them including, Oliver Townend, Piggy French, Tina Cook, William Fox-Pitt & Mary King to name just a few of them.
The Point Two ProAir jacket works on a lanyard system. One end of the lanyard is attached to your saddle & the other end clips in to the air jacket. In the event of an accident & the rider separating from the horse, the lanyard pulls itself free from the jacket and inflates in 0.1 of a second, offering fantastic coverage of the Spinal area, collar of the Neck and Rib Cage. Once the jacket has been inflated it will withstand weights of up to one tone on top of it.

Once the ProAir jacket has been inflated it will hold you tightly for around 15 seconds, the jacket will then slowly deflate allowing the air to escape through a release valve in the back of the jacket.
The idea for air bag jackets has been around for a few years now in the motor cycling world, but the companies designing the jackets had been unable to make them inflate fast enough to be able to sell them in Europe. You must have CE certification to be able to sell anything in Europe. To gain CE certification for an air jacket the jacket had to have been inflated with in 0.4 of a second. Point Two were the first company to be able to beat that time of 0.4 of a second. This was achieved with the Hippios jacket that Point Two launched with back in July 2008. The Hippios jacket has inflation speeds of 0.25 of a second. We asked Oliver Townend to test the Hippios jacket for us and give us his thoughts on it. He did this for us and then came back with the following comments, Oliver said he liked the jacket and it did its job when you were involved in a fall, but he thought the Hippios jacket would be better mainly suited for home riding as it is too heavy to compete in and was also very hot to wear. After receiving Oliver’s thoughts & comments on the Hippios jacket we then went back to the drawing board to redesign the jacket and see what we could come up with.

The ProAir jacket was born – After taking Oliver’s comments on board we redesigned the air jacket to make it more light weight and easier to ride in. In doing this we also managed to make the air jacket even faster than before. The ProAir had inflation speeds of 0.15 of a second over four times quicker than any of its rivals. We launched the ProAir three weeks before Badminton. Point Two had given Oliver Townend, Piggy French & Matthew Wright the ProAir to ride in and test for us. All three riders came back saying how good the jacket was and that they didn’t even know they were wearing it until they needed it.

The three weeks before Badminton were very busy for Point Two. We started off with three professional riders wearing the ProAir jacket in the three weeks before Badminton, other riders saw them wearing this new and revolutionary air jacket and started to pay attention to the jacket. Then when Oliver had a fall at Withington the week before Badminton and then get up and walk away from it, quoting “if I hadn’t been wearing the ProAir jacket I am sure I would have broken my collar bone, in that fall”.

By the time the XC at Badminton was upon us, there were 23 out of the field of 80 riders wearing the Point Two ProAir jacket. At Burghley 8 out of the top 10 finishers were also wearing the ProAir jacket, and over 50% of the field competing in the ProAir. Only a few weeks later there were 6 nations competing in the ProAir jacket at the European championships in Fontainebleau. Including 4 of the 6 riders in team GB.

Oliver Townend’s season seems to have followed in the same vein from his very memorable victory at Badminton and then on to Burghley and also to get a team gold medal at the Europeans in Fontainebleau, all the time wearing his Point Two ProAir jacket.

Point Two have also managed to make a few advances in the technology used in the ProAir jacket this season. The ProAir is now even faster than before with inflation speeds now down to as low as 0.1 of a second. Point Two are also now able to have the ProAir made in customised colours as well.
The technology that has made the Point Two ProAir jacket the fastest air jacket in the world is also used by the, French Police, Spanish Paramedics, The Moroccan Kings Guards & is now also being used in the TGV super train across Europe.

Point Two recommend that you wear your Point Two air jacket over the top of your European approved body protector for the ultimate in safety at all times. Please ensure you follow your governing body’s rules when competing.

If you already own a Point Two ProAir jacket and would like to have your jacket upgraded to the new system with inflation speeds of 0.1 of a second then please contact Point Two for full details on how you can have this done – 01403 754007.

Point Two Air Jackets – For A Safer Ride
Unit 8, Lawson Hunt Business Park
Broadbridge Heath
West Sussex
RH12 3JR
01403 754007
[email protected]

Piggy French, fortunately wearing a Point 2 Air Jacket

Piggy French Fall 2
Piggy French Fall 1
Piggy French Fall 3
Piggy French Fall 5
Piggy French Fall 4

Mary King at Burghley

Mary King Burghley

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