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All the mares at Pferdezucht Dr Jacobs are either performance tested, competed and have done mare shows. There are obviously great benefits in doing this with the mares in a breeding programme, so I asked Bonny if she would recommend this to other mare owners.

"Yes, of course. All the stallions you use are approved and tested, but you can only breed top horses if the mares have performance genes too. It will lead to nothing if you are the only person who knows the qualities of your mare. The buyer can’t see how the mare jumps when she stands with a big belly on the pasture. So if you want to sell a mare, or her offspring, it’s very important to have proof of her qualities. "

Mare Family

Bonny breeds with many mares each year, and uses a diverse group of stallions. So I went on to ask her what method she uses when choosing what mare is suited to a stallion.

"In October we begin to think about the stallions for the next year. We look which stallions we want to use and choose the right mares for them. We try to pay attention to all things: the height, the conformation, the movements, the face, the jumping potential, the technique and of course the character and the semen quality. "

CALLONIA by Calypso II with
St.Pr.St. SAMMY JO v. Silvio I
& St.Pr.St. EMMY JO PJ v. Escudo I

The end product of breeding is obviously the foals, so Bonny went on to tell me what she looked for and what she felt were the most important factors.

"Their willingness to perform. Some top sport horses are small or ugly, but they always give their best. You can’t see the motivation of a foal, but if it descends out of a performance dam line you can trust the genes. "

As Bonny has stated previously she sees herself as a breeder and not a stallion owner. However, I did ask her if she could own one stallion in the world who would it be. Obviously her reply made me smile.

"I don’t want to have one stallion. You can’t use one and the same stallion for all mares. But if I could order semen for free, I would use Cassini I, Berlin, Montender, Quidam de Revel, Plot Blue and of course Totilas. And we have semen from some of them in our freezer. "


(Mr Blue x Pilot x San Fernando)
Rolex World Cup Champion 2010
Photo Copyright:

Bonny and her father have bred many successful horses, so I asked her which ones have been the most memorable to her.

"Yes, we bred international sport horses and approved stallions, but our best horses are two of our broodmares. Sammy Jo by Silvio I – Calypso II has three approved sons and two sons competing S-level. After 8 breeding years she had a sport year, during which she was successful with a junior rider from 1.10m to 1.40m. The other one is Laurenzia by Loredo – Wendelin. She is a top jumping mare, but since I am a dressage rider, we had to show dressage. I got her when she was three and I was an inexperienced rider. I made a lot of mistakes, but she excused them all. We qualified for the German Championships of young dressage horses, won St. Georg and were placed in Intermediare competitions. Both mares have a great character and always give their best. Now they are fantastic broodmares and have top foals."

The successes of this Studfarm are too numerous to mention, and when I asked Bonny what she felt their biggest achievement was as a Studfarm, I was very pleasantly surprised by her reply, as it is the same to my own feelings on breeding.

"That every year we get emails, letters and calls from pleased clients. "

Besides the above achievement, I asked her what other fond memories she had so far in her breeding career?

"Our stable has produced over twenty approved stallions and a lot of international sport horses. For example Surrey – the full sister of Sammy Jo – was successful at the World Cup final in Las Vegas and Firth of Clyde by For Pleasure won with Christian Ahlmann in 1.60m competitions. "

St Pr St Sammy Jo

St.Pr.St. SAMMY JO by Silvio I
Hanoverian Jumping Championship Dobrock 1999
Successful in 1.40m competitions
Broodmare of Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs

Coming towards the end of our interview I asked Bonny what she put all their successes down to?

"Our breeding choices, our top broodmares and luck have all contributed to our success."

Is there anything more that this Studfarm could achieve? Bonny goes on to say what her future goals are.

"It’s very easy: we want to become “the best jumping studfarm in the world”. Joking aside, we want to breed better horses every year."

Well I do not think there is much joking to be said with the above comment, as personally I think this Studfarm is well on the way to achieving this, if they have not already done so, as nobody can take away there many many successful horses over the years. So I asked her what advice she would offer other breeders.

"Use only the best mares for breeding and trust in them."


In Britain there is continual discussion about lack of horse power for our top riders, and after the recent results at the WEG in Kentucky for the showjumpers, I asked Bonny how she thinks this gap could be bridged by UK breeders.

"All breeders need more top mares, great stallions and a lot of patience and perseverance."

Lastly, if someone was to think of “Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs”, I asked Bonny what she would like this to represent for her Studfarm.

"Great sport and breeding horses suited to their buyers."

WALLENBERG by Stakkato
Approved KWPN Stallion Owned by Team Nijhof

In my humble opinion I regard Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs as one of the best breeders in the world for showjumping horses. One just had to look at their achievements to see how highly regarded they are across the world.

The one thing I always notice about Bonny and her breeding policies is that she is not moved by the "latest fad" in stallions. She selects the stallions and mares carefully to make sure that they compliment each other. She also takes the gamble on the young stallions, and is ahead of the game on what she selects and what is then produced by the mares. Her foals each year are selected for Elite Auctions and some are purchased by some of the biggest Studfarms in the world, including the Celle State Stud as potential future sires. How many Studfarms could state categorically that they can do this year in and year out?

Yes, I think that Bonny Jacobs and her team will certainly continue to be one of the leading producers of top showjumpers in the world, and I for one look forward to hearing about their future achievements.

Horse Breeders Magazine would very much like to thank Bonny for taking the time out to speak with us. Below is a link to their website and I would urge people to go and view for themselves the top quality horses that they have bred in the past, present and future!

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